Bicycle and Pedestrian Links and Resources:

Bike, and Bike specific links:

Asheville Cycling.Com

Asheville On Bikes

League of American Bicyclists is a national bicycle organization founded 1880.

Blue Ridge Bicycle Club

General Safety and Tips links:

Bicycle Helmet Information. Cornell guide with information about bike helmets and usage.

Bicycle Helmets. Information from the Berkeley Parents Network about bicycle helmets.

(New York City) Bicycle Riding Tips. Safety tips for riding bikes in the city.

Bicycle Safety Equipment. Outlines the equipment needed for safe cycling.

Bicycle Safety. Online bicycle safety information.

"How to Not Get Hit by Cars". Important lessons in bicycle safety.

Kids and Bicycle Safety are tips for bicycle for kids from the National Highway Transportation Administration.

Rights and duties of bicyclists is a video showing bicyclists, among other things, how to ride in traffic, including controlling the lane and using left turn lanes to turn left.

Sharing the Road.The City of Austin, Texas has developed a YouTube video about traffic safety and sharing the road.

Teaching Children Bicycle Safety. Information on how to teach bike safety to children.

The “Ultimate Bike Safety Guide” offers additional bicycle safety links.

(UK) Bike Safety in the UK - an introduction. A resource of the Bicycle Storage Company.

Bike Safety Tips and Statistics. Information and suggestions on how to ride safely.

Pro cyclists reflect on bike safety and their experiences in this video. EXCELLENT!

Ride Illinois, with funding from the Illinois Department of Transportation, has a nearly seven-minute video on motorist-bicyclist safety.